What we do



With this project, we aim to engage men in the process of ending FGM and, on a larger scale, to end violence against women and promote gender equality through a human rights’ approach.

Research on Men and FGM

We are currently conducting a qualitative and quantitative research among men from the diaspora in Europe to assess their knowledge of FGM and their position in relation to the practice.

Training of male peer educators & supervision

Our objective is to train a pool of male peer educators in Belgium, UK and the Netherlands (men from FGM-practicing communities).

Awareness Campaign

We have launched an awareness campaign in the practicing communities through peer educators outreach activities, diffusion of the tools we will specifically develop, website, media, TV and radio messages, diffusion of the video and to strengthen EU policy on community-based strategies to prevent FGM.

EU-logo This project is co-funded by the DAPHNE Programme of the European Union